Jabalpur Ke Sarovar Anmol Dharohar

Jabalpur Ke Sarovar Anmol Dharohar....The City Jabalpur was known for its Water Resources wealth in 14th – 19th Century .As per the history record Jabalpur had 52 big & 84  Small lakes .At Present Jabalpur is a Unique City of India Having more than Hundred Lakes . But These Lakes Needs Proper Conservation and Developments … so that these Water Bodies can  be  a big source  for  Ground Water Recharge as well as become a big Tourist  Place …….

Jabalpur Ke Sarovar Anmol Dharohar ….is a Unique Database on all the Water Bodies of Jabalpur with Latest Pictures, Location, History, Present Condition, Lake Area , Khasra Map, Ownership (Managements) & Geographical Information (Written by Myself )……

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