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                  Kumbheshwar Temple  Lamheti is more than 500 Yrs old Temple Situated on Suthern Bank of  River Narmada at Village  Lamheti  20 Km far from Jabalpur towards Nagpur. World famous Water Fall  DHUANDHAAR  at Bhedaghaat is just 4 Km away from Kumbheshwar Temple ..


This Balance Rock is situated on the Madan Mahal Hills  at Jabalpur ,Near Takshashila Engineering College on Jabalpur- Nagpur Road .

Jabalpur Ke Sarovar Anmol Dharohar

The City Jabalpur was known for its Water Resources wealth in 14th – 19th Century .As per the history record Jabalpur had 52 big & 84  Small lakes .At Present Jabalpur is a Unique City of India Having more than Hundred Lakes . But These Lakes Needs Proper Conservation and Developments … so that these Water […]


Madan Mahal Fort


This Balance Rock is a unique Example of  Self  balanced  Natural Structure ….Situated Near 15th Century’s Madan Mahal Fort at Jabalpur