About Jabalpur

ABOUT JABALPUR :The City Jabalpur
(23°10’51″ N, 79° 57’51″ E MSL 402 M) has
a unique natural setting which few other
Towns can boast of. Named after the famous
rishi ‘Jabali ’it probably derived its earlier
 identity as'Jabalipuram’but also known as the
 city of rocks/Hills (JABBAL in Arabics).It
could also have been named as Jubbulpore'.
Jabalpur is a beautiful city of central India
surrounded by Natural landscapes, Rivers,Water Bodies,
Hills,Vellys,Marble Rocks,Balance Rock,and the Water
Fall known as Dhuandhar....as a matter of fact Jabalpur
is the only place,which canclaim to be the Natural
Geological Museum became from the centre of Jabalpur
four Major rock basins are situated within a
distance of 25-30 KM all around.